Evil Eye Pendant


Nazar Evil Eye Pendant

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Human relationship is complex. Many emotions are involved when 2 individuals interact. A good & healthy relationship exudes positive vibrations and keeps the individuals happy & in good spirits.

The evil eye is a kind of curse put on a child, business, good looks etc., by someone who has the “evil eye.” There does not seem to be any particular reason why some people are born with and others without the evil eye. The curse is usually unintentional and caused by praising and looking enviously at the victim.

The evil eye is a very powerful negative force. It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. Envious eyes and looks of ill will affect us, stopping us from realising our full potential in every area of our life.

When jealousy & distrust is involved in a relationship, negative vibrations are experienced. Everything starts getting wrong or negative. This is also called ‘Nazar Lagana’. We do many things to counter this phenomenon, such as Fixing horseshoe on the door, Hanging black doll, Hanging Nimbu-Mirchi, Black tika on babies or wearing black thread etc.

Now all these things are not required. Astro Stones Europe brings Nazar Evil Eye Pendant to protect you from such negative vibrations. It’s not only attractive in shape and looks but also very powerful, which forms a protective shield around you and your loved ones when worn.

What is Evil Eye Pendant?

Evil Eye pendant is an attractive capsule shaped pendant made in pure silver which also has a Cat’s Eye Stone embedded in its centre. This comes with a black thread and is supposed to be worn using the black thread only and not in any silver or gold chain (at least for first 9 days).

Nazar Evil Eye Pendant protects you from any kind of Black magic, Jealousy, Negative vibrations and eliminates the effects of the same. It’s famous all over the World and feedback is 100% positive.

It also blesses the wearer with the enhancement of business opportunities, particularly in the field of marine business, adventures sports, share market, physicians, surgeons, real estate/property etc. Wearing of this pendant removes physical weakness and mental worries.

The magical eye of the cat Chrysoberyl cat’s eyes are genuine rarities which are found only in a few deposits in the world, together with other varieties of chrysoberyl. One can hardly imagine that a gemstone could wink like the eye of a cat in such a remarkably genuine way.

Is it magic, or Nature? And apart from that, what is it that causes this irresistibly beautiful show of light? Scientists have discovered that very fine inclusions, deposited in the stone, are responsible for this fascinating phenomenon. The incident light is reflected off them, so that a bright strip of light appears, running perpendicular to the inclusions, similar to the eye of a feline predator.

When buying a cat’s-eye, you should be aware of this: it is important that the ‘eye’ has a fine line running right through it, and that it can be recognised clearly. In particularly good specimens, it seems to open and close when the stone is turned. Fine cat’s eyes should be of a distinctive colour and be as transparent as possible. The most popular ones are those of a beautiful honey yellow and those with fine green tones.

It ensures victory over enemies and protection from enemies. By wearing a Cat’s eye one is be attracted by others. It grants philosophical disposition and activity of the mind. The native gets name, fame and wealth. He becomes calm and his anger disappears. He receives the help of relatives and friends. Enemies may bow to him. It works successfully in getting back the loan money too. It ensures the welfare of children.

**Medical Disclaimer** All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Indian & Chinese Mythology & the seller takes no Responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the Descriptions. Healing benefits of stones should not be intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional.